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the pros and cons of a shared apartment

Eazy Tips: The Pros And Cons Of A Shared Apartment

Sharing is most often said to be caring, and while that is true in some aspects, can we conclude that it’s not always the same when it involves an apartment? The need to have and live in one’s own home never ceases to be vital, and pending when we can afford to be homeowners, we must embrace the gift and responsibility of having an apartment.

But what if this gift isn’t one that is convenient for you to have alone? You would have no choice but to share the burden, which brings us to our last Eazy Tips article for the month, as we dive in to educate you on the pros and cons of a shared apartment.



 1.      Save money on rent, utilities

One of the biggest pros of living with a roommate is the luxury to split the cost of rent and utilities and in some cases other shared items, like groceries and cleaning products. It is important though to have an agreement with your roommate about these shared costs before embarking on a journey together.

2.        They help you with chores

roommates cookingIt’s much easier to keep your apartment clean when you can split the chores with someone else. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to avoid doing the chores you like the least, like cooking.

3.         You can share furniture

the pros and cons of a shared apartmentIf you’re renting your first apartment, purchasing all the necessary furniture and kitchen supplies can be expensive. Pooling resources with a roommate will make the process of furnishing your apartment much easier.

However, when it comes time to go your separate ways, you might run into some problems regarding possession of the belongings you initially split. It’s a good idea to agree upon ownership and a possible buyout agreement before splitting costs.

4.         You can have lots of fun

having fun with your roommate is a benefit of a shared apartmentIf you really enjoy socializing with your roommate, every night and weekend has the potential to be epic. Whether you party at home or go out, it’s nice knowing that you always have a wingman or wingwoman who has your back. Besides,  no one wants to pay a full Uber fare at the end of the evening if they don’t have to.

5.         You can help each other out

Roommates are usually willing to help with the occasional favor, like picking you up when your car is being serviced or receiving a package in your absence, covering up for you when your boyfriend or girlfriend drops by unexpectedly and you’re somewhere else…when done right and reciprocated, this scenario is beneficial to everyone.




1.        There’s potential for massive noise

noise at a house party is a cons of ashared apatrmentIt’s possible that while you enjoy the occasional party night and events, your roommate might take it to an extreme level. This can lead to lots of noise and accompanying migraines. These gatherings and parties may not always be wild but some people are just naturally loud talkers and some people prefer a peaceful and quiet environment in contrast. Therein lies the dilemma.

2.        They may miss payments

The problem with splitting the cost of rent and utilities is that they have to be paid whether your roommate can afford it that month. If your roommate is not reliable when it comes to making payments, it could end up costing you.

When deciding on a roommate, consider their work history. Do they frequently quit or get fired from their job? Do they have a history of debt or making late payments? If you already know the person, you might be privy to this information, but if you’re interviewing a stranger to be your roommate then do your due diligence and check references, including past landlords.

3.        Things can get messy

Two people living in one apartment also means it’s twice as likely to get messy, and it can be easy for roommates to pass the blame and responsibility to each other. If you know your roommate before you move in and they’re a generally messy person, it is likely they’ll continue to be messy, no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise.


4.       You might not get along

If you and your roommate don’t get along, it can result in a very uncomfortable living situation. Be careful whom you choose as a roommate to avoid this issue altogether.


5.       You’ll have less privacy

When you have a roommate, you have very little privacy. Your bedroom may be the only place you can go to be alone, and if your roommate has boundary issues, then you wouldn’t be so lucky. If you prefer lots of opportunities for solitude, living with a roommate is not for you.


6.       Constant favors can be annoying

Some people are entitled by nature and can take your kindness and generosity for granted. It’s easy enough to dodge calls and texts from people who don’t live with you, but avoiding a roommate is nearly impossible. Which is how you might end up picking up his girlfriend from the Airport after you’ve had a long stressful day at work yourself because he is too busy hanging out with his friends at the bar to do it himself.

To wrap it up, the perks that come with a shared apartment can never be downplayed, neither can the cons. Hence, you must take a lot of time to think about it before deciding whether to have a roommate or not. Don’t just make the choice on a whim. However, if you do decide to get a shared apartment, you should check out Sheruta.Ng and make use of their services.




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