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Top 5 States For Real Estate In Nigeria

Eazy Tips: Top 5 States For Real Estate Investment In Nigeria

Although there are many states in Nigeria, only a few of them are very good for real estate investment due to their capability to yield high interests rates. There are quite a number of things to consider in determining a state that is booming in real estate. They include infrastructure, social amenities, the economic value of the state, standard of living, and industrialization in the state.

Therefore, this week’s Eazy Tips article aims to inform you of the best states for real estate investment in Nigeria.

1.      Lagos State

Top 5 States For Real Estate In Nigeria

It goes without saying that Lagos state is the most popular metropolitan state in Nigeria. The megacity is filled with residential and industrial buildings, making it one of the best states in the country for real estate investment. There is a high demand for accommodation and other forms of real estate properties in Lagos, both residential and commercial, especially in the Banana Island and Ibeju-Lekki environs. These are places to look out for when seeking good returns on your real estate investment.


2.     FCT Abuja

FCT Abuja is one of the best states for real estate investment in NigeriaThe Federal Capital Territory is just as high-brow as Lagos State in terms of real estate, except that Abuja doesn’t have as many commercial activities as Lagos does, which it makes up for via high political activities instead. Hence, Abuja is home to numerous politicians and business moguls. Therefore owning a real estate property in Abuja is guaranteed to yield high profits.


3.     Oyo State

Oyo State Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa by landmass, automatically making Oyo one of the best states for investment opportunities in general, not just real estate. Oyo State’s goods and services and standard of living are relatively cheaper compared to Lagos and Abuja. With a huge number of expatriates, educated and middle-class citizens, Ibadan, Oyo State is ripe for affordable real estate investment opportunities.


4.     Rivers State

Rivers State Rivers State, specifically Port Harcourt, is a prominent place for all kinds of investments, including real estate. The city is filled with Industrial structures and refineries as well as residences. Its economic value is commendable and backed by safety and security, thereby giving a lot of real estate opportunities for investors.


5.      Akwa-Ibom State

Akwa IbomOur last state on this list is Akwa-Ibom. The main city and center of attraction in Akwa Ibom is Uyo. It is a beautiful city filled with numerous tourist attractions, hotels, malls, academic institutions, and residential apartments. Hence, the state is a good location for real estate investment and opportunities.

Lastly, there are other states that are also good for real estate investment in Nigeria. Your choice is determined by your financial capabilities and preferences. We hope this article would be helpful to you in choosing a state to invest in real estate in Nigeria.

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