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Exposé: Sheruta

Exposé:  Sheruta NG

Nigeria is a country where numerous companies are located, readily offering their products and services to not only make a profit but add value to the customer’s lives, and the society at large. For our very first edition of Exposé, an online column that aims to expose the public to new, innovative, and impactful brands/companies, we will be featuring Sheruta Nigeria via its representative and co-founder, in an exclusive interview.


Q:  Introduce yourself

A: My name is Joshua Oguaghamba co-founder of Sheruta Online


Q: Tell us about Sheruta

A: Sheruta is an online housing assistance platform, creating a community conducive for peer-to-peer rentals, and all forms of property listings.

Sheruta Nigeria - Flatshare

Q: What motivates you?

A: I would have said money, (laughs) it’s just the process of creating a product or concept and getting people to use it.


Q: For people interested in the real estate niche, what do you think they need to do/learn to excel at it?

A: Real estate is a competitive and broad sector, find a niche and focus on it and dedicated your time to it.


Q: Your opinion of the real estate market in Lagos.

A: It’s a very interesting industry, I feel like stakeholders here focus on some aspects of the real estate industry more than others, still I am excited about the future of the industry, more prop-tech startups are popping up which would push innovation.


Q: What is Sheruta’s core value?

A: Trust. We ensure that members of our community are trusted and well-vetted individuals.


Q: Why room share? Why not render any other real estate-related service?

A: Well, we plan on adding other services which will be ready by the first quarter of 2022, we want to be the best at this niche before we move to the next. Why room share? How many young Nigerians can afford the high cost of housing in urban cities?  I will just leave it at that.

Why Lagosians have flatmatesQ: Share with us the funniest or craziest experience and the worst one you’ve had in your business so far.

A: Nothing over the top comes to mind if I am being honest. But I have come to realize that Nigerians are more hospitable than we give ourselves credit.


Q: The major challenges you encounter in your line of work.

A: It’s majorly an issue of trust, and that’s why we are building a community, and platform that stands for and reiterates this.


Q: Share with us a step-by-step process of Sheruta’s services (if someone was looking to put a room up for share or find a flatmate and someone else recommended Sheruta to them, what can they expect?)

A: Visit our web app www.sheruta.ng click on get started and follow the verification process, subscribe, and post a request, your request is targeted at people who will be interested in that request, whether you have a flatshare or you need a flatshare. You can also contact us via Instagram @sheruta.ng if you would like us to handle the process.


Q: What’s your preference, renting an apartment alone or having a roommate.

A: Hmm let me put it this way, I am currently not married so if living in my ideal apartment or area is going to cost me a lot, I would rather flatshare to save cost. I currently flatshare with my cofounder. I think both sides have their pros and cons, depends on the individuals involved.


Q: What is your ideal home.

A: A minimalist-designed mansion or a Penthouse in an exotic location. They have to reflect my taste and love for art and serenity.

A mansion

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