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Factors To Consider When House Hunting

There are a multitude of decisions to be made before you find that home to call your own. A home’s size and style, whether to buy a new or pre-owned, as well as the neighborhood and school district are amongst the most important considerations.

However, there are other components that are not quite so weighty but can add to the satisfaction of its inhabitants. Here are some underrated considerations to bear in mind along with the big decisions:

How Busy is the Street?
If you’ve ever whizzed down Ikorodu road, you will notice that other smaller roads empties into the road, making it an extremely busy road. A heavily-traveled road such as this is great for exposure. However, if you have your home close to the road and you have young children ensure that they have restrictions going out of the house.

How Far Is The Home From The Freeway?
Due to the regular Lagos freeway traffics, most inhabitants live outside the city limits, the time it takes to get from their homes to their jobs is really pretty unbearable. One thing to consider is how long it will take to drive from your home to the freeway. Major streets in some other roads get pretty packed in the morning well before you hit the freeway. You may want to factor whether that house location will be the best option for you and opt instead for a neighborhood with quicker freeway access.

Does The Bus Route Pass Your House?
One positive reason to have a bus route on your street is that a bus stop is likely to be nearby for those who use public transportation. However, on the contrary a noisy bus going down your street day and night may not be to your liking. It also tends to bring a lot of foot traffic to your street from those getting on and off the bus.

Do the Windows look directly Into another Home’s Windows?
If you have a large window such as a floor to ceiling window in your living room, then your neighbor can clearly see your every activities, in this case you might have to keep your blinds shut at all times preventing you from enjoying the full effects of the large windows.
Does the Garage Have a Covered Walkway?
Homes that are built with freestanding garages may or may not have a covered walkway attached to the house. Unless you are one of those people who don’t mind getting caught in the rain, you may want to choose a home that offers shelter from the storm when walking from your car garage to your house.

Does The City Have Plans For Road Construction?
Future road construction may also be something to consider. For example, Metro Rail construction will continue for the coming years, some will welcome the rail line near their home, while others would prefer it not close by.
Did The Landlord Provide Good Electrical Connections?
Another important thing to consider is the connections for electricity, make sure the Landlord of the house made electricity meters available, if not be ready to face issues with the electrical power authorities.
Also, make sure there is provision of good water system, if not your stay in that house will be unbearable.
Next time you go house hunting, remember to factor the small considerations along with the big decisions. Taking into account these considerations may end up being the criteria that provided the perfect home.

Enjoy your day.

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