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The Passive Aggressive Roommate

House Stories: 9 Types Of Roommates

In our present day, a lot of people can’t afford to live alone. Some can, however, they may prefer not to, which is why sharing a house with roommates seems like the best solution to that predicament.

However, having a roommate is not for the faint-hearted, even though there is a high tendency of them becoming your new best friends…or making you wish you never moved out of your parents.

Here is a list of roommates you’re bound to encounter or already have in your house-living journey. You’re welcome.


1.            The Neat One 

9 Types Of Roommates - The Clean OneYou may think you’re neat and tidy and perhaps you are, but the clean roommate is a lot more neat, tidy, and organized than you. They have to be if they think your room is a pigsty because you have a shirt on the ground and an empty water bottle that isn’t in the trash bin.


2.           The Party Animal

The party animal Guess who’s the worst type of roomie to have when you’re a laidback fellow that enjoys peace and quiet? The party animal. They constantly blast music, invite friends over and make silence a thing of the past. Next thing you know, you’ll find yourself dousing their food and drinks with sleeping pills just so you can get some rest. Don’t do that. If you want peace and quiet, move out.


3.          The Clingy One

The Clingy RoommateWhen you moved in, you were hoping that you would become friends with your roommates. But you didn’t expect that one of them would follow you everywhere and label themselves your best friend forever. We feel your pain.


4.          The Slob

The Slob -types of rommmatesThe slob is the complete opposite of the neat one. This person never keeps their room neat or organized and as a bonus, they also completely ignore the chore list that was agreed to by each roommate. You find yourself doing their chores and keeping their room neat and tidy after your numerous complaints fall on deaf ears. Are you a saint? No. You’re just not a pig and can’t live like one.


5.          The One With Sticky Fingers

The Kleptomaniac RoommateThis is the roommate that makes you question your reality. You start to wonder if your house is haunted because things go missing all the time. They might not intentionally steal your stuff, but they never remember to inform you that they took it – and sometimes deny it when you bring it up.  One minute everything is where you left it, and the next, gone.


6.        The Passive-Aggressive One

The Passive Aggressive RoommateYou would never know your roommate is passive-aggressive until there’s an issue that could easily be resolved with a simple face-to-face conversation. But no, they’ll either choose to complain about you to a third party or smile at your face and pretend everything is fine. They also avoid face-to-face confrontations, but always seem to have something to complain about.


7.       The One In a Relationship

9 types of roommates - the one with a significant otherYou don’t have a problem with this roommate. They’re almost decent, except that you now share the apartment with not only your roommate but their partner. It’s worst when they can’t keep their hands off each other and constantly make you pine for a partner of your own. Let’s be honest, there’s a tiny bit of relief you feel when they break up – even though you care about your roommate. Guess their love story wasn’t meant to be – but you getting your house back definitely was.


8.       The Ghost

You saw them the day they moved in, and maybe a day after that. Since then, you’re not entirely sure if they exist or not. They are never home – and they’re too private for you to even know where they spend their time. Oh, and you don’t have their phone number or emergency contact.


9.      The Perfect One

The Perfect RoommatesThis is the ultimate roommate. They possess all the qualities of a good roommate and eventually they graduate to become your best friend. They enjoy the same things you do, have a compatible personality with you, they share your tastes but most importantly they genuinely like you and always have your back

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