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Lighting Up Your Living Room

Lighting your home is necessary but lighting with different lights has become a trend and an important part of home décor. Lighting doesn’t only mean for illuminating the place with unnecessary light fixtures everywhere, illuminating a place means creating warm surroundings through decent lightings.
The term lighting refers to the useful energy output of a system consisting of light sources, fixtures to support them in appropriate locations, wiring channels to activate the light sources and the convenient electrical controls.
In choosing your lightings there are different categories in which they function:
General lighting

General lighting helps in illuminating the overall area of the home. It includes energy saving bulbs, florescent tubes, halogen lamps, discharge lamps, LED lighting, specialist lighting, clearance lighting etc.

Task lighting

Task lighting as the name suggests is generally used during tasks. The focus of task lighting is on your main task as you can install them for important works like reading, watching TV, studying etc.
Decorative and home lighting

If you want to increase the utility of your home space installing decorative lighting will help you. Decorative lighting systems today have become a vogue as they embellish your way of living. Lighting systems not only add serenity or ambience but also creates a pleasant mood.
Accent lighting
Accent lights are those fixtures which help to accentuate the key and focal points of your home area. People tend to display their artwork and other items along the wall; accent light enhances the beauty by highlighting the effects.
Indirect lighting

Cove lighting is another way of indirect lighting. It is kind of indirect lighting system in which lights are installed inside the indoor channel of ceiling and the light reflects back down into the room.

Pendant lighting


Pendant lighting of today has been setting a trend of its own as they are the most stylish lights people are installing in their places. You can hang these pendant lights anywhere in your house and certainly as they don’t occupy much space it’s an added advantage. They look elegant and beautiful when they light up.

Tips On How To Maintain The Lighting System In Your Living Room According To The Ambience:
• Establish an adequate general illumination level to reduce the accent light, brightness and contrast.
• Illuminate an entire wall with overhead fixtures to provide background for room furnishings.
• Feature window areas with immense lighting.
• Indirect light like that under a pelmet or above a cabinet will supply soft uniform illumination.
• Use dimmers to program lighting moods.
• Play up with the architectural features like niche, mantle etc.
• Highlight artwork and plants with individual lighting arrangements.
• Be sure that the floor, table and hanging fixtures have adequate shades to prevent glare.
• Plan adequate lighting to handle a variety of family activities like rack for display.
• Bar area could use incandescent light to play up sparkling glassware. Lighted shelves or fluorescent fixtures under the front edge of bar is effective.
With these little tips you should be able to decorate your living room to your style.

Enjoy your day.

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