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Styles of Furniture

Hello readers, do you know that in today’s environment several designs of furniture are available to suit our diverse styles and tastes? Your atmosphere portrays your persona and the décor of your home represents your own traits of personality.
Thus, the living space designed by you should not only be comfortable, but should be trendy enough to suite the latest vogue.

Let’s take a look at some of these various styles of furniture which you can choose for your home.
Traditional Furniture
Traditional furniture is a broad label that can be applied to antiques, reproductions and period pieces from any country or region in the world. Types of traditional furniture are often categorized by their historical time line.

traditional furniture

Victorian Furniture
The Victorian age furniture draws its influence from gothic forms with heavy proportions, dark finishing, elaborate carving, and ornamentation. Exaggerated curves, lush upholstery and decorative carvings are also featured.

victorian furniture

Contemporary furniture
Contemporary or modern furniture tend to sway most of the furniture lovers. Today furniture market has widened and the trend has changed which has brought a number of designs in furniture. Today’s furniture represents aspects like polished surfaces, sleek and geometric designs. Contemporary furniture makes use of metal, fiberglass and aluminum. The most essential feature of this kind is that every piece of it is striking and sophisticated.

contemporary furniture 1 contemporary furniture2

Urban Furniture

Urban furniture bends towards displaying a modern touch. The woods used are black finished polished with aluminum highlights, glass or light and blond woods. This type of furniture is small and can be fit to small apartments or houses.

urban furniture

Country and cottage Furniture
Country and cottage style of furniture makes lighter shades of wood, muted colours, simple lines and vintage fabrics. This type is more elegant and graceful and the textures include basket, bead board walls, natural fibers in floor and window coverings and weathered finish on wood furniture.

country and cottage furniture


Eclectic Furniture
An eclectic style represents the love for different designs characterized from different time periods and styles. This kind of furniture is a blend of unique style, shape and texture, use of color is harmoniously amalgamated.

eclectic furniture

This Kind of furniture is represented by exposed woods, walls, columns, beams and simple lines. It often uses wood paneling and stone. It is tough and durable while the accessories are primitive and minimized.

rustic furniture

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