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Types Of Staircases

Hello my dear wonderful readers I hope the first day of the week is going smoothly so far. Still in the spirit of the love month let’s discuss something beautiful such as a staircase; I have come across pictures of beautiful staircases so I decided to share with you.
Let’s discuss about various existing types of staircases just in case you are planning to build your own apartment.
The form of a staircase determines its type; staircases can be of different forms such as: straight flights, swinging flights, arched flights and spiral flights.
When you want to choose a staircase the following things should be taken into account:
• Designation of the staircase (front or supporting)
• Intensity of usage
• The form of the place allocated for the staircase construction.
It should be remembered that the area occupied by the staircase is usually excluded from the usable space of the house. Also the form and location of the staircase have a direct impact on convenience and functional usage of the staircase this is why you should carefully approach the choice.
Let us discuss their various forms:
Staircases with Straight flight
The most simple in terms of design, manufacture and installation is the staircase with straight flight.
This group of staircases with straight flights is perhaps the most popular. The presence of straight flights makes them convenient, functional and straight. They are also grouped into Straight stairs, Quarter Landing Stairs, and Half Landing Stairs

Straight Stairs
It is convenient and functional, easy to go up and down and also to carry things on to the next floor.

Straight-stairs-1 straight-staircase-metal-frame-wooden-frame-lateral-stringer-62167-1487977

Quarter Landing Stairs

Quarter Landing Stairs represent a variety of straight stairs, which also include a landing. The landing divides the staircase into two, thereby reducing quantity of treads in one flight, at the same time serves as a place for rest when moving.
Staircases of this type enable rationale use of the space needed for the stair flight construction.


Half Landing Stairs
Pay attention to the shape of the landing. Just like for Quarter Landing Stairs, the depth of landing shall be longer by half.


There are still plenty more samples of staircases, so stay tuned for part 2 where we shall view more types. Do have a great day.

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