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Uninvited Guests- A Guide to Pest Control in the Home

With two small and highly active children, Jenny and Emeka had to keep up with their wards’ energy levels. The children did everything together, so much so that if Obi had a cold, they would also treat Ada for the same ailment, as they often fell ill simultaneously.

When the family moved into their new rental, a three bedroom flat in Westown Valley, they were surprised to find that their home was a breeding ground for rats, mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Obi and Ada were frightened and could not stand to be left alone for fear of the gigantic rats in the house. It was not long before Emeka came down with acute malaria.

They bought canister after canister of pesticides, but it seemed like they were losing the battle against the uninvited, as the pests would not just go away.

Have you ever had an experience with unpleasant guests? The ones who show up uninvited, refuse to submit to house rules, and stay for extended periods of time until you wish they would leave? If the answer is yes, then you would agree that household pests are uninvited guests that you would be glad to be rid of.

Pests are destructive to household items, food, and even health and well being of their victims. In our society, pest infestation is a common occurrence. From rats to cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes,  getting rid of these pesky creatures poses a great challenge.

Mosquitoes cause malaria, rats are destructive and contaminate anything they come in contact with, cockroaches are a nuisance, and buzzing flies do not make pleasant music with their contamination sprees.

Households are thrown into chaos when these small but mighty creatures appear, their weapons being property destruction, food contamination and even diseases are transmitted by the microbes they carry around with them.

Help is on the way. The first step to curing any disease is to seek knowledge and information to ease the problem. As promised, we give you our basic tips to control pest activities in your home.

#1. Prevention

It sounds cliché (we know) but the best cure is a preventive measure. Most times, it is cheaper and easier to prevent a thing than to control same. By putting safety and pest proof measures in place, one can effectively prevent uninvited guests from lurking in the home. The use of safety nets in the home is a surefire way to do this. Also, checking the house regularly for any holes or openings through which pests can access the home is a good way to prevent infestation.

#2. Set Sticky Traps

This is an easy way to control those pesky pests. One can purchase sticky traps like glue boards for mice and other pests to get rid of them. The pests stick to the glue board s and you can dispose of them. This method is easy and pesticide free.

#3. Homemade Sprays

An organic pest repellent made from a mixture of garlic and mint keeps insects, and even rats at bay. The homemade mixture which  is made from one part garlic juice and one part mint extract is a simple  repellent that is a suitable solution for people who do not want to use chemical pesticides for health reasons.

#4. Clean up the Kitchen

The kitchen is a common place to find pests in the home. The reason is simple- the pests have access to food in the kitchen, especially leftovers in the garbage bin. Pests can be controlled by ensuring the kitchen is spick and span at all times, and disposing of refuse and kitchen waste daily, as pests have a field day in a dirty environment. Try this and notice a difference in the pest traffic in your home.

#5. Clear Clutter in the Home

Another popular destination for pests is the clutter infested spots in the home. It is common to find months and years of unnecessary items stored in our living spaces. This is a breeding ground for households to thrive. Clear out the clutter in your living space and watch the pests vamoose! (Read our post on Clutter management here)

#6. Fix Faulty Plumbing

Pests mostly survive in a damp or wet environment, and faulty plumbing, such as leaky faucets and holes in pipes and the plumbing system give room for pests like cockroaches and rats to thrive. To control this, engage the services of a good plumber to undertake repairs on your plumbing system.

#7. Seal Off Entry Points

This is a very important step in our pest control operation. Do a thorough search of your entire house to find any possible entry points for pests to gain access to your home and destroy your peace. Then, seal off such entry points to prevent more pests from joining the party. Do not forget to block gaps between the door and the floor, another popular entry point for insects and rats.

#8. Invest in a Fly Catcher Machine

This is a more expensive option but it’s worth a try. Fly catcher machines get rid of flying pests and help control the influx of flying menaces in your home. These are usually placed at the entrance of the home.

#9. Call an Exterminator           

If your home is infested with pests, and you have tried different solutions, you may consider calling an expert in pest extermination to fumigate your home and get rid of the menace for good. Please note that this may not come cheap and it employs the use of chemical pesticides.


Pests are a menace to the environment. Studies have shown that they indeed have economic importance. However, they are disease causing vectors destroy and damage anything they come into contact with in the home hence the need to control their presence in the home.


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