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What Single Women Want In Real Estate

Times are changing and the real estate market needs to make sure it changes along with it. A generation ago families and single men were a prime target for real estate agents.
As society changes more women than ever are gainfully employed, single women are quickly becoming a unique force in the real estate market. From singletons in their 20’s to divorcees in their 40’s, single women are looking to buy and they have unique demands.
Single women are a growing population in Nigeria, as many as 1 in 5 home sales are to single women, not to mention that twice as many single women purchase homes in comparison to single men. Many reasons come into play; societal changes, economic shifts, changes in Nigerian family structure, and the increase of women in the workforce.
Single women home buyers create a new list of demands, it is up to real estate agents to answer to their calls. This list sums up the qualities most single women prefer in their homes:
• Most like to spend not more than ₦300,000 for rent.
• Some usually Prefer two bedrooms or more.
• Some will compromise size and cost to get other amenities.
• Many desire security and safe neighborhoods with a strong community feel.
• They also look for close proximity to stores, shopping, and fitness centers.
A singleton prefers energetic communities, with plenty of activities, amenities, security and close-knit neighborhoods. Smaller spaces are not a problem for those living alone. To some, older homes would be a perfect fit as they are generally lesser in price.
These are just a few of my observations, please do have a nice day.
Excerpts from www.chuksrealtors.com

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