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House Stories: 9 Types Of Roommates

Having a roommate is not for the faint-hearted, even though there is a high tendency of them becoming your new best friends…or making you wish you never moved out of your parents. Here is a list of roommates you’re bound to encounter or already have in your house-living journey…

House Stories: Top 10 Private Schools In Lagos

There are numerous private schools in Lagos, a fact that can be overwhelming to deal with if you are a parent about to make a school choice for your child in Lagos. Yes, proximity to the home could be an essential factor. However, if you want the best quality education for your child, it goes without saying that you should get them enrolled in the best school too. Hence we have made this list of the best private schools in Lagos in 2021 to guide you.

House Stories: 7 DIY Home Renovation Tips

Home renovation is essential to the maintenance of your home. Thankfully there are budget-friendly ideas and resources that can help you in achieving your renovation goals. They are quite easy to carry out, hence we call them DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) home renovation tips.

House Stories: The Best Places To Live In Lagos State

Lagos without a doubt is the New York and Los Angeles of Nigeria. The city is popular as a hub for private and commercial businesses, as well as the hotspot for the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria. Most people in other states in the country want to move to Lagos for numerous reasons, and we can’t blame them. But we should give them a fair warning…the traffic on Lagos roads is insane.

House Stories: The Pros and Cons of a Homeowners Association

Homeowner’s associations are very useful, especially in urban communities where residents prefer to do things by the book. But just as much as it has its pros, it also has its cons. Think about it. You move into the neighborhood as the latest homeowner on the block. Everything is going well. Your neighbors welcome you, perhaps throw you a small party or send a gift basket, except that most neighbors in cities like Lagos and Abuja would rather mind their business in other to avoid unforeseen problems. Weeks or maybe months into being the newest resident in the neighborhood, you’ve finally settled in and you’re no longer regarded as ‘the new man/woman/family on the block. Good for you. That’s progress.

House Stories: Why Isn’t My House Selling?

It doesn’t matter how much Michael thinks his house is worth. The market strongly dictates how much he gets for it. Buyers tend to look at similar houses in an area. They compare prices and most often the houses with higher prices like Michael’s don’t get sold. This further proves the theory that your house is only worth what other people are willing to pay for it.