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The Best Photo Hotspots In Lagos - Nok

Eazy Travels & Tours: The Best Photo Spots In Lagos

Lagos is undoubtedly a beautiful metropolitan city, with numerous ‘Instagram-worthy spots to prove it. For Eazy Travels & Tours this week, we’re letting you in on the best places in Lagos you want to be caught at on a photo, not just because of the beauty and ambiance they exude, but also the purpose and services they offer.


1.         Nike Art Gallery

Nike's Art GalleryNike Art Gallery is Nigeria’s leading art gallery in Lagos owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye. The gallery is without a doubt the largest of its kind in West Africa. It is housed in a five-story tall building and boasts of a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists. Nike Art Gallery is Nigeria’s leading art gallery. It is located at 2 Elegushi Beach Road in Lekki. The gallery is one of the photo hotspots in Lagos, and to be honest we’re not surprised. We only ask that you look creative and artsy when you visit, so it’s not too obvious that you’re only there for a photo op and not to admire and educate yourself on the breathtaking art it has to offer. Blend in people. Blend in.


2.          Lekki Conservation Centre

The Best Photo Spots In Lagos - Lekki Conservation CenterAn oasis of nature deep within the urban chaos that is Lagos, Lekki Conservation Centre offers not only an escape from the monotonous routine of Lagos lifestyle but a relaxing atmosphere, outdoor activities, and adventures, and the perfect spots for a great photo. Do you really think everyone that goes to LCC is a nature lover and wants to walk down a suspended canopy 1,315 feet long? Come on.


3.            Vanilla Moon, V.I

Vanilla Moon - Best photo spots in LagosGoing to a restaurant just for its meal has now become a thing of the past. Let’s call it growth. Vanilla Moon is an elegant and serene restaurant inspired by a moon-loving grandmother’s kitchen, that stands tall in the heart of Victoria Island with brightly lit windows and garden green views. Vanilla Moon restaurant and bar offers an all-day dining experience from noon to midnight so no matter what time you drop by for your meal/date (photo op) they’ll be there for you. If that isn’t loyalty, what is?


4.             Epe Mangroves

Epe MangrovesNature lovers get tired of exploring.  One such place that is often explored is Epe Mangroves. Epe Mangroves is like a secret treasure you’ll never know about unless you go searching. It is located in Ibeju Town, in the Epe Local Government Area of Lagos state. If you’re in need of a natural aesthetic in the form of an enthralling creek, the Epe Mangroves is where you need to go. Don’t forget to tag us in the photo.


5.               Nok by Alara

Best Photo Spots In Lagos - Nok by AlaraWe’ve already established that rarely anyone goes to restaurants for the sole purpose of only eating these days, therefore it should come as no shock that Nok by Alara is competing with its fellow restaurants. What does Nok have to offer you say? Beauty and taste. In its atmosphere, it’s cuisine, staff, and guests. So, in the contest for the most classy one, based on your Instagram photo, a few shots at Nok would earn you the crown. You’re welcome.


6.              Graffiti Wall at The Backyard

Best Photo Spots in Lagos - The BackyardThe Backyard Lagos is a bar and grill restaurant located on Victoria Island. They serve great and simple dishes which are freshly made by the restaurant’s chefs. The restaurant is open from Tuesday-Saturdays. That means you have Sunday and Monday to plan your outfit and theme for your photoshoot on its breathtaking graffiti wall. Talk about pressure.


7.             Museum at Pan Atlantic University

Pan Atlantic University MuseumIs there anything more beautiful than art? Yes. The museum where the art is stored. The Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art (YSMA), of the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, is the first purpose-built, privately-owned art museum in Nigeria. The museum hosts over 1000 diverse artworks from Prince Yemisi Shyllon’s vast art collection. It would be a crime if you’re a creative or an art lover and you don’t have at least one photo at this museum. So be a law-abiding creative citizen today and do the needful. Go take some pictures…and appreciate some art.


8.          Wèré House

The best photo spots in LagosWèré House is a colorful building with personality and charisma. It was established to offer creatives and entrepreneurs the experience that inspires limitless creativity and productivity. This is why taking pictures in this charming house is very on-brand. In fact, we are very sure it’s in their constitution. So, what are you waiting for? Go have some fun!


9.           Graffiti Wall at Danfo Bistro

Danfo Bistro Graffiti wallThe decor at Danfo Bistro exudes minimalism, creativity, and relatability via Danfo parts, lights covered with plate numbers, and plumbing fixtures. Perhaps that’s why it’s quite appealing and its ambiance mirrors a typical Lagos lifestyle.

Danfo BistroA restaurant that combines art, cuisine, and hospitality? Inject it, please. Better yet, experience it and take some photos while doing so.

So, there you have it. Our best photo spots in Lagos, not that we’ve been to all the photo spots in Lagos, which is why you should endeavor to visit these places and discover more. Never let it be said that we didn’t give you an entire article of options to take nice photos this weekend.


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