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7 Reasons To Build a Playhouse For Your Kids

House Stories: 7 Reasons To Build a Playhouse For Your Kids

Kids can be as charming as they can be destructive, and in most households, the evidence is glaring. From stained walls to damaged appliances and soon enough it would be hard to tell if your kids caused the damages to your once glorious home, or a hurricane did. There is a solution however that most parents have failed to explore. A playhouse.  A private and safe space for your kids to play to their satisfaction, ultimately preventing more damage to your home, whilst supporting the vital need for them to play just as much as they learn, resulting in a healthy and nurturing environment. If you need further convincing on why you should build a playhouse for your kids, we’re here to indulge you.


 1.       Creative Space

a playhouse is a creative space for kidsHaving a playhouse helps a child to hone their imagination and exhibit creativity. Before your child even begins playing in their new house, they can think about how to decorate it by choosing a theme, color, design, and pattern. This is a fantastic chance for them to be creative.


2.        Enhances Social Skills

a playhouse impro9ves a child's social skillsBeyond being a child’s own space, a playhouse is somewhere they can welcome their peers too. They get to entertain their real or imaginary friends, and they have the opportunity to play out the social actions they have seen in the adult world.

3.         Instills Independence & Responsibility

a playhouse gives kids a sense of responsibility and independenceAside from making an amazing space for children’s imagination, play and development, a playhouse can also be a great way for children to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility. They make the kids independent and responsible because you’re allowing them to do things on their own. They start to play by themselves, pick themselves up when they fall, and follow the rules as well as keeping their playhouses organized and tidy since kids will think of them as their own little homes.


4.         Mental Development

a playhouse develops children emotionallyEveryone needs a space of their own. For kids, a playhouse is a perfect place to create this. Even if a child has their own bedroom, that space can never be truly their own as a parent can wander in any time, but the small door of a playhouse makes sudden, unwelcome visits less easy. Children, therefore, feel free to create their own space and their own games, unobserved by adults. Being free to create their own games, miniature worlds, rules, and regulations, enables them to try out a range of emotions and feelings. This mind creation and imagination are valuable and vital to their growth as humans, boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence.


5.        Educational Improvement

educational development is one of the benefits of a child having a playhouseAll work with no play makes the kids dull, and playhouses provide a second learning platform for kids. Coming from a school with homework is not that exciting for kids, but having a playhouse for a child in which they can undertake their homework will make them excited about education. Parents can decorate the playhouse with a desk, chair, and some toys and utensils which will make the kids passionate about school work. Placing reference materials, little books, and novels for children is also helpful. It would excite them about school work, wanting them to visit the playhouse area over and over again.


6.        Physical Development

when children play they become physically fit

Physical activities help children become fit and keep them mentally stimulated. Having an active lifestyle helps children become stronger and healthy. Having a playhouse encourages physical activity, which translates to the development of bones and muscles via full-body workouts. When children play, they exercise and strengthen their arms, shoulders, legs, and torso. This is especially true if a playset is equipped, which caters to your children’s non-stop sliding, crawling, and climbing.  A healthy set of muscles and bones help them endure various activities and resist illnesses while burning extra energy and calories in the process.


7.          Entertainment

kids having fun in a playhousePlayhouses have the unique quality of providing hours and endless quality sources of entertainment for children. Children get preoccupied while playing at playhouses; this keeps them cheerful and entertained. as they run up and down all over the playhouses.

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