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How To Start Your Own Profitable Cement Block Business

In Nigeria, Housing has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the past years, and one of the materials used for its construction is cement block. Everybody knows what cement block is used for, but very few people know the money making potential that exists with this lucrative business.

In this article I am going to give you step by step information on how to setup your own block production business.

Here are some of the necessary things you will need to start up your own block industry in your area.

1. Acquire or lease a parcel of Land: You will need a plot of land in an area where infrastructural development is going on. If you don’t have enough money to purchase the said parcel of land, you can as well lease one.

2. Purchase a block molder (Vibrating Machine): The block mold commonly called the Romance-Machine is the equipment that enhances production within a short time.

3. Purchase the Diesel Leister: You will need a very sound diesel leister that will be used to power the block molding machine where the block would be molded from. There are two types; the single and the double cylinders. I’d advise you go for the single cylinder as it is more economical since it consumes less diesel, it can also power all your equipment effectively…
4. Purchase raw materials needed for the cement block production:
• Dig a well or bore hole so you can have adequate/continuous water supply
• Cement
• Sand
• Diesel
• Cement block carrier (wooden board that supports cement blocks both in the molding process and drying process.
• Cement mixer
• Shovels
• Head pans
• Supply vehicle/truck
5. Hire experienced workers: You need block molding machine operators, those who can mix sand and water properly, men who will carry, load and off load cement blocks into trucks and drivers for the delivery trucks.
If you have been able to achieve these few then you are ready to start off your business.
Have a nice day.

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